About Charles Brent

Charles Brent was featured on the cover of Time Magazine in 1927 for  accomplishing the greatest ESL teaching triumph of all time  – the transformation of the language of an Asian country, the Philippines, from Spanish and native languages to English.

Within 21 years, from 1906 to 1927, Charles Brent spread the English Language throughout the Philippines. By the time he returned to America in 1927, English became the official language of government, business, media and education in the Philippines.

Charles Henry Brent founded the Brent International School System and St. Luke’s Hospital. Today, the Brent School System in the Philippines still prepares many students from Asia, Europe and America for a chance to gain admission to the Ivy League.

Today,  hundreds of thousands of young adults are employed in the English-speaking Customer Relationship Management industry or “Call Centers,” such as answering phone calls for questions about bank statements or giving technical guidance for the use of a product.

Teaching English to the rest of Asia is now a growing profession in the Philippines. Asians are more comfortable with the Filipino English accent, which  easier for the Asian ear to understand.